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Why The Ukulele?



As Ukuleles are relatively easier to play than guitars but similar in technique, younger kids tend to start out with the uke first. The strings are easier to press, the body an ideal size for children, and the chords are simple to form as well! 

Kids will be able to see results fairly quickly, without as much frustration that usually comes with the learning of new instruments. Learning music unlocks an outlet for creative self-expression in children, and assists in the development of their identity, discipline, resilience, and self-confidence. Start them off today! 

Adults tend to shy away from picking up a musical instrument due to their lack of musical background and the lack of time to commit. These are no longer concerns when it comes to learning the Ukulele!


It is definitely possible to pick up the basics in less than 10 lessons, including the skill to play accompaniment to your own singing. Sign up for classes  on your own, or with a friend to share the fun that the Ukulele promises!

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