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About Me

I am a full-time ukulele teacher in Singapore and was an Assistant Chief Instructor at a music school. My teaching experience dates back to 2010 and I have taught students of all ages! Apart from conducting private classes, I've also taught in corporations, government schools (MOE-AMIS Certified Instructor), as well as voluntary welfare organisations. 


"Taught, Thoughts" first began as a little project of mine to document the many stories I have as a music teacher. These stories, which continue to serve as reflections, led me to the realisation that teaching is my calling, and a purpose bigger than me. Essentially, "Taught, Thoughts" represents why I teach, and of course, the passion and love that go into my teaching (instagram: @taughthoughts).

Do browse around the site to know more about what I do. Looking forward to help you get started on your own musical journey! 

Lidya Andiani H.
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